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Does Offshore Development Really Save Money?

Considering offshore software development to cut costs? This comprehensive guide dives into the often-overlooked hidden expenses and challenges, from communication barriers to quality concerns. Learn which projects are best suited for offshore teams and when onshore development is a smarter choice. We also explore the middle ground: nearshore development. Equip yourself with insights to make the best outsourcing decision for your company's unique needs and goals.

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What Is Managed Web Hosting? Key to Stress-Free Hosting

Explore the ins and outs of Managed Web Hosting. This comprehensive guide explains how managed hosting offers a hands-off, stress-free experience by covering setup, configuration, and maintenance. Learn the differences between traditional managed hosting and managed cloud hosting. Ideal for businesses looking for expert-level support and those wanting to free up internal resources. Find out if managed hosting is the right choice for you and what to consider when selecting a provider.

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Website Hosting 101: Cloud vs. Managed vs. Hosted

Explore the differences between Cloud, Managed, and Hosted web hosting. Cloud offers affordability & scalability, Managed provides comprehensive support, while Hosted ensures full control & performance. Understand the pros & cons to choose the best fit for your company's website needs.

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Our Team's Favorite AI Tools in 2023

Discover the Codepoet team's top AI tools for 2023. From process documentation to software development, these tools enhance productivity and creativity in various fields like transcription, graphics, presentations, content creation, and more. A curated guide for innovation.

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Offshore vs. Onshore Software Development: Which is Best?

Compare offshore, onshore, and nearshore software development outsourcing. Understand the benefits and challenges of each to choose the best fit for your project.

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Common Microsoft 365 Email Migration Mistakes

Ensure a smooth Microsoft 365 email migration with Codepoet. From comprehensive planning to end-user training and support, we help you avoid common mistakes, making the transition seamless for businesses of all sizes.

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How to Minimize Disruption & Prep Employees for A Company-Wide Email Migration

Prepare employees for a smooth company-wide email migration by sharing details early, identifying a migration team, and using various communication channels. Include pre-migration instructions and post-migration support, with training sessions and ongoing feedback systems. Prioritize proactive communication to minimize disruption and set up success.

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3 Predictions About the Future of Custom Software Development

The software development industry is constantly evolving, and there are a number of trends that are shaping the future of custom software development. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most important trends to watch, including:The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in software development, the increasing importance of security, and balancing the risks and benefits of offshore development.

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5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Transferring Your Company’s Email to Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s product suite is a great fit for businesses that want an all-in-one productivity and collaboration solution, though many are first drawn to it because they want a more reliable email service.

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We Often Suggest Businesses Migrate to Microsoft 365. Here’s Why.

We advocate for Microsoft 365 migration due to its cost-effectiveness, scalability, enhanced security, and collaboration tools. Free migration consultations available.