Microsoft 365 Migration

Facilitate collaboration and unlock productivity gains for your business with a seamless data migration to Microsoft 365.

Data scattered across on-prem networks or cloud stores can quickly become unmanageable. Microsoft 365 makes things a lot easier. Migrations can be a headache, though.

For an easy, stress-free experience, let our experts migrate your data over to Microsoft 365.

Need help migrating your business to Microsoft 365?

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Data migrations have a lot of moving parts. Our proven framework streamlines the process, emphasizes security and compliance, and includes ongoing monitoring and support.

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We start with a review of your IT infrastructure and all the software versions your business is running. Then, we decide which specific migration process is best for your organization.

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Our Microsoft 365 experts design a fail-proof migration plan with zero downtime and zero data loss. You’ll even have a dedicated project manager to keep you in the loop and facilitate the process.

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Monitor and Support

Our fast, friendly support means you’ll always have someone to turn to when you have a question, concern, or need some extra help getting the most from Microsoft 365.

In addition to expertise in Microsoft/Office 365, we’re also experts in Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, and custom code development solutions that can automate key processes in your business.

Why trust Codepoet for your Migration?

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We don’t do cookie-cutter migrations. We get to know your organization’s needs and analyze your current uses. The result? A migration implementation plan and strategy that’s specific to you.

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Migrations can cause disruptions to employees. We help you keep everyone in the loop so they know exactly what to expect and when.

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No hidden costs — the price we quote is the price you pay. We charge every one of our clients based on the project's complexity, the experts involved, and the time required.

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Zero data loss and zero system downtime. It might sound like a pipe dream, but we’re Microsoft 365 migration pros.

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Our IT and support team will be available for you by phone or email each step of the way. We’re known for our quick response times, day and night.

Codepoet's Microsoft 365 migration services empower your organization with collaboration and productivity by securely and efficiently handling your data migration, ensuring zero data loss, minimal downtime, and providing exceptional customer service throughout the process.

Microsoft 365 Migration FAQs

Here are the top three benefits we share when asked about the reasons to migrate:

  • Cost-Effective & Scalability: Microsoft offers several subscription tiers with varying levels of access to its suite of desktop, web, and mobile apps. You also have the freedom to instantly scale up or down — aka add and remove licenses — as needed. Learn more about plans and pricing on the official website.
  • Built-In Security: It’s always a good idea to follow data storage best practices, like keeping data archives and storing data on compliant third-party platforms. Microsoft 365 makes it easy to keep your data secure, backed up, and centralized.
  • Productivity & Collaboration: End-users can collaborate with each other instantly, whether they’re in the same office or dispersed around the world. Email, messaging, video conferencing, file storage and sharing, and other tools are all centralized under one service.

Frankly, Microsoft 365 just works. It’s secure and reliable, which is exactly what you want.

Yes! We take care of every technical detail during the migration process. You simply pay the license for whichever plan you choose, no markup no hassle.

Plans start at $6/user/month. Learn more about Microsoft public pricing here.

Absolutely. During the Microsoft 365 setup process, you'll have the option to connect an existing domain and keep current email addresses.

When you migrate with Codepoet, we guarantee that no data loss will occur.

Yes, existing folder structures will be maintained during migration.

Not if you migrate with Codepoet. Before any migration kicks off, we build a fail-proof migration plan that ensures zero downtime.

User accounts can be set up and configured in the Microsoft 365 admin center. You can add users individually or in bulk, assign licenses, and set user roles and permissions.

Microsoft offers robust support for Microsoft 365, including documentation, tutorials, and forums. You can also contact Microsoft's customer support for more specific issues.

Codepoet customers get an extra layer of individualized support from our team. We’re known for our quick responses — you can contact us any time with any questions, comments, or concerns. We provide email support for non-urgent needs or an 800 number answered live for more urgent requests.

Codepoet's Microsoft 365 migration services empower your organization with collaboration and productivity by securely and efficiently handling your data migration, ensuring zero data loss, minimal downtime, and providing exceptional customer service throughout the process​.

Microsoft 365 Migration Resources

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