Moving Your Company’s Email From Rackspace to Microsoft 365: Pre-Migration Guide & Checklist

Facing challenges with your Rackspace email service? Upgrade your business communication by migrating to Microsoft 365. This guide will provide a comprehensive roadmap to ensure a smooth transition.

Need help migrating your business to Microsoft 365?

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If you’re a Rackspace email customer who’s tired of unreliable delivery, spam issues, lackluster security, and subpar customer service it’s time to migrate to a more trustworthy provider like Microsoft 365.

Migrating email can be a daunting task, even for technically savvy users. At Codepoet we’ve helped hundreds of businesses implement solutions to their most pressing technology needs, including migrating email from Rackspace to Microsoft 365.

This guide packs everything we’ve learned from those migrations into one resource. You’ll get:

  • Our proven 8-step process for a smooth and successful migration
  • Checklists you can use to stay organized and on track from discovery through testing
  • Details on how to follow-up and ensure everything is working properly
  • Information on how to get extra help for your email migration