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Meet Parks Coffee, a workplace beverage supplier, and longtime Codepoet client partner. What began as a small family business in 1986 has grown into a thriving company with 400+ team members. Even as the company has grown, they’ve remained laser-focused on being a customer-centric operation. Here’s how we help them achieve their business goals.

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Project Goal

With 800+ orders per day, Parks Coffee needs web-based technologies that work. Their team provides a much-needed service to businesses, breakrooms, boardrooms and beyond: delivery of high-quality coffee, beverages and pantry items (plus all equipment and supplies.) Codepoet makes sure they have the tools and technology they need to deliver a great customer experience, keep track of inventory and more.

Our Process

Since 2004, Codepoet has assisted Parks Coffee with:

  • Website design and development, including ecommerce features
  • Web hosting
  • Blog design, development, and hosting
  • Email hosting, including a spam gateway and managed email services
  • Internal server maintenance and support

We’ve also documented everything along the way, ensuring the team at Parks Coffee has a great experience now and into the future. They know exactly how to get the most from these important tools and technologies, but they also trust that Codepoet is always available to answer questions and solve new problems.

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As the business grew and evolved, the Parks brand needed an online “home” that would help the business meet new challenges. Codepoet has built several of their websites over the years, bringing the designer’s vision to life each time (and making sure everything runs smoothly.)

Now, customers can make quick online orders if they run out of supplies before their regular delivery. It’s all possible thanks to a backend site that the Codepoet team developed and implemented.

Web Hosting + Email + Spam Gateway

Codepoet began hosting in 2014. In 2018, Parks added managed email and a spam gateway to their mix of solutions, and to say they’ve loved these services might be an understatement. Before Codepoet took over, the company had five different versions of a spam gateway running internally. Their team was stumped on how to use them effectively.

We fixed everything on the backend, but most importantly, we taught their team exactly how to use these new tools. It’s been smooth sailing ever since, but we didn’t stop there. The company’s email services have been migrated from Rackspace to an easy-to-use, managed Office 365 service.

Internal Server Maintenance

Codepoet also assists the internal IT staff at Parks Coffee with server management, providing internal network support as needed. One day, Parks called with a major problem: All of their servers were down. Since their business relies on these servers to take orders and make deliveries, we had to act fast. Fortunately, Codepoet’s team made quick work of restoring and stabilizing the servers.

Team members

Brian Brackeen Portrait

Brian Brackeen

Founder / Developer

Matt Scalf Portrait

Matt Scalf

Sr. Developer / Networking Wizard

Tery Emilson Portrait

Tery Emilson

Sr. Developer

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