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Meet your next business development partner.

Codepoet, LLC does more than build sleek and functional websites, apps, and other development solutions for businesses: We partner with clients at every stage of the development cycle.

‘Partner’ is a title we take seriously, too. Whether we’re working as part of a larger team or running the entire show on a full-featured website, our goal is to provide the tools you need to reach business goals.

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How it all began

In 1996, Brian Brackeen got his first taste of programming. From the very first time he bit into C, he was hooked. As his skills and interest in software development grew, the next logical step was to turn it into a business. Brian started his company in 2000, brought on additional developers in 2007, and Codepoet was officially born in 2010.

As a business owner, Brian understands what you need and want in a technology partner. You need someone who listens to your goals (because effective partners don’t do all the talking themselves) and responds with solutions.

He’s not the only Poet who shares these sentiments, either. Every team member believes in the power of a customer-centered approach to software development.

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Why partner with Codepoet

We want to make sure every client feels like our only client. It’s a lofty goal, but we reach it time and time again. When you team up with Codepoet, you can trust that you’ll get everything you want and need, without unnecessary extras.

Further, when Codepoet develops a piece of software, it’s yours to keep (with no extra fees down the line). Our speciality is developing tools for organizations to incorporate into their product offerings, marketed under their own company or brand name.

Every website we build, app we create, and piece of software that we develop is designed with a single mission: To meet your business needs.

Some of the solutions we’ve developed include:

  • Searchable databases
  • Powerful ecommerce solutions
  • Membership websites
  • Mobile website redesign
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Kitchen Delivery Service apps
  • Commercial software products
  • Web applications
  • Web service APIs
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