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Whether you need a new website, custom mobile application, e-Commerce solution, or other software development service, Codepoet has the technical and business know-how you need to succeed.

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Tools For Business Growth

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Web Development

A website is arguably the most important business tool you have. It’s often the first impression a potential customer gets, and it’s where people go for more information, to find products, and to place orders. With a custom-built website, you get everything needed to help your business or organization shine online.

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app development

Custom Software

When Codepoet develops software, it’s yours to keep (with no extra fees down the line). Our speciality is developing tools for organizations to incorporate into their product offerings, marketed under their own company or brand name. We give you the tools you need to make your business grow because your success is our mission.

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UI & Front-End

Your website and app need to perform in a way that the end-user enjoys and understands, and that’s where UI and front-end development come into play. At Codepoet, we understand how people interact with the tools they use online, meaning you’ll get an end-product that gets the job done.

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A Custom Search Solution

When someone needs a Certified Financial Planner, they go to the Financial Planning Association. As the de facto resource for both professionals and consumers, the FPA’s online assets needed to be user friendly, effective, and visually appealing. We developed a membership website for both new and existing members, then developed a custom Planner Search feature, which crawls a comprehensive database of Certified Financial Planners, helpfully pairing visitors with the expert advisor that’s right for them.

About Us

“I have been online since 1995, starting with "HTML for Dummies" back before Ebay or Google. I hired a succession of private coders both individual and corporate, to update my site over time, and ended up hopping from one to the other after problems of one kind or another for a decade, before FINALLY being introduced to Brian and his team. Starting ten years ago, they helped me to transition to a modern framework in a systematic and practical manner that will keep my business and my site competitive and adaptable, for the future. Unlike others I have been with, they are attentive, reachable, and provide personal attention night and weekend as needed. They have kept my site relevant in an increasingly competitive environment, and dealt with all the subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the internet and platforms over time that I simply have no time to learn about, myself. Thanks!”

-- Rob Lavinsky , Owner – iRocks

Apps That Increase Sales

When we create an app or piece of software for a client, they get full ownership of the end product, and this project was no exception. For New Balance, we worked alongside a talented team to create an iOS application that simplified purchasing shoes and other products inside the app. Our job was to create the search engine that powered everything, and now users can easily find the products they want most.

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