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We are a software development company with a focus on turnkey solutions that drive digital transformation across verticals. Software development takes high-level technical knowledge and organized, experienced development teams to succeed. A well-designed desktop app, mobile responsive website, or CRM tool could increase your business’ efficiency and convert more leads.

Brian Brackeen

Founder / Developer

Brian has been developing software for well over 20 years, starting in C, moving on to C++, followed by a year or two in VB, and .NET using C# since its inception. He founded what would eventually become Codepoet, LLC in 2000. He’s been developing websites, applications, and similar projects since, and he truly enjoys the process of collaborating with clients to ensure they receive exactly the end-product they envision.

Matthew Scalf

Senior Developer / Networking Wizard

Matthew has more than 15 years of experience in developing web applications. He is a well qualified proven full stack developer, and strives to keep up to date with all the latest technologies. He has worked on projects of all sizes using languages such as PHP, Ruby & JavaScript for backend development and is also fluent with Linux operating system management.

Mike Sanders

Senior Developer

Mike has been fascinated by the capabilities of computing technologies ever since he was first introduced to computers. For more than 20 years, he has focused on the Microsoft stack, but he’s also familiar with the Linux OS interface. In fact, Mike’s entire development experience is vast, and he is skilled in programming languages such as Basic, Cobol, Azure, Alexa, .NET C#, and many others.

Tery Emilson

Senior Developer

Since the days of dBase and FoxPro in the early 1990’s, Tery has been developing real-world business applications. He developed what became a world leader in database applications for the Microsoft Pocket PC platform. Since then he has continued to focus on developing skill-sets using .Net, MVC, SQL Server, jQuery, and Android. Some of his more recent projects include an online CRM system for a group of car dealerships, an online system used to schedule several hundred volunteers involved in the maintenance of buildings across western Canada, and an Android app which allows you to share and synchronize notes among friends and colleagues.

Abigail Brackeen

Junior Developer / QA

Abigail Brackeen is a Junior Developer and Quality Assurance Analyst. She always had an interest in computer programming and the tech field in general. When she finally started school, she was ecstatic to find that it was something she’d be happy to do for the rest of her career. She graduated from the Software Guild’s online program in 2018 and immediately began working with Codepoet as a developer.

Tony Rumph

Project Manager / Developer

Tony began his career in the software industry in 1988, working as a programmer for a small software company that specialized in software solutions for 3rd party verification for public housing authorities. In 1990 Tony began working in the private sector for a small computer gaming company, Maxis (the makers of SimCity and The Sims). There he worked as a programmer, business systems architect and later as the MIS Manager. Since 2001, his focus has been on web-based and mobile business applications using C#, .NET Frameworks, SQL Server, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript and other languages and frameworks. Tony attended the University of California at Berkeley majoring in Computer Science; later transferring to Golden Gate University of San Francisco where he changed his major to Business Management.

Miguel Guerra


Miguel is an experienced developer with expertise in PHP, Javascript, CSS and market leading eCommerce software like Prestashop. Before joining Codepoet, Miguel worked as a consultant for a global provider of IT services and business process solutions developing and maintaining Drupal based portal focused on health for a multinational conglomerate. His development talent has taken him from his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico to Maryland and to Puerto Rico. Miguel graduated from Universidad de Monterrey with a degree in Computer Systems. When not programming, Miguel enjoys writing poetry, playing chess, volunteering, and spending time with his family and especially with his daughter ‘Kymi’, Kyara Michelle and baby girl Keyla.

Zach Moodie

Graphic Design / Front End

Zach has 10 years of experience in Web Design and Front End Web Development. Though his focus is on the front end side of things, he has a keen interest in full-stack web development and is always enhancing his knowledge of new programming languages.

Alex Younger

Junior Developer

Alex has been interested in programming for most of his adult life. He was accepted into a highly-competitive network called Praxis, where young entrepreneurs connect with CEOs for the chance to learn marketable skills through an apprenticeship. Through Praxis, Alex accepted an apprenticeship at Khorus Software in Austin, TX, where he very quickly became interested in Ruby on Rails. In 2018 he joined the Codepoet team and is looking to create an honest, notable name for himself by creating value for customers.

Emily Bauer

Quality Assurance Analyst

Emily has 12 years experience in the IT field. She is organized and detail oriented which lead to her success as a video editor and website manager. She believes in building a smart, easy, and efficient experience for the user. This belief is clearly seen in the quality of her work as an analyst.

Kevin Pinkerman

Senior Developer

Kevin has been developing software for over 35 years. His experience goes all the way back to the early BASIC computers down to the latest client/server systems, full-stack web applications, virtual, and mobile technologies. He is comfortable with dozens of programming languages, frameworks and database systems. He has been instrumental in implementing complex systems for large corporations, small businesses, and non-profits. Kevin also has software available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. His motto is: “Never Say Never.” He is focused and driven, always giving 110% to his work.

David Scalf

Network Engineer

David has over a decade of experience supporting, maintaining, and managing computer systems of all varieties. Throughout his career he has worked with both small and enterprise businesses. David has always strived to be a valuable resource, making him the first person his clients call. As an IT generalist, he has experience managing everything from Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and servers as well as VoIP and traditional phone systems, firewalls, virtualization systems, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.

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