Sundance Helicopters

Meet Sundance Helicopters, a popular Las Vegas-based helicopter tour company. People trust Sundance to provide top-notch sightseeing flights over Sin City and the Grand Canyon, and they turn to the company’s website to get more information and make reservations. Codepoet’s powerful solutions ensure customers can book whenever they want, from wherever they are.

Sundance Hero Helicopter

Project Goal

When people are on vacation, they’re on the go. They don’t always have access to a computer, but they do have smartphones. That’s why Codepoet was commissioned to develop a mobile version of the Sundance Helicopters website. It wasn’t easy, but we triumphed over broken code.

Our Process

When the Codepoet team was onboarded to this project, we knew we had some work to do.

The original website was hard-coded and riddled with code errors, so the first order of business was fixing all underlying code issues. We utilized Ruby on Rails to build the site, one of our favorite frameworks for quick development and efficient maintenance (plus, it tends to be more cost-effective for clients.)

Sundance Flying Helicopter


As the Poets worked, security holes were quickly patched, debugging continued and internal IT processes were streamlined dramatically.

Now, Sundance’s online visitors can easily learn more about different tours, get answers to questions and book tours, no matter what type of device they’re using. It’s the perfect solution for the company’s on-the-go clientele, and for an on-the-go company committed to delivering the best experience possible.

Team members

Brian Brackeen Portrait

Brian Brackeen

Founder / Developer

Matt Scalf Portrait

Matt Scalf

Sr. Developer / Networking Wizard

Alex Younger Portrait

Alex Younger


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